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Music's Finest conductor

Can we go beyond our wildest dreams? Can we indeed rescue music from technology.
What does it take to reach the top of the mountain, the end of the food-chain?

What does it take to forget about Hi-Fi and High-End Audio?

Introducing Audio Note UK
For the love of music.
That universal language capable of creating a shared visceral, emotional experience...
...regardless of what language you speak.
Our Heritage

The tale of Audio Note began almost 50 years ago in Japan

Hiroyasu Kondo, the second son of a Buddhist priest, was a professor of electronic engineering and molecular metallurgy. He founded Audio Note in Japan in 1976, facilitating his desire to develop audio equipment capable of reproducing the essence of artistic performance captured in recorded music.

He was often referred to as the "silver smith" for his revolutionary use of age annealed silver in his audio equipment. The Kondo ONGAKU amplifier will forever be a symbol of his success. He was the Picasso of contemporary audio design.

An image of Hiruyasu Kondo by Audio Note
Hiruyasu Kondo
Audio Note Today

Upholding our heritage

We don't merely design and craft all the equipment requisite for the ultimate music reproduction, spanning from turntables and CD players to amplifiers and loudspeakers.

In our upper echelon products, you'll uncover the finest silver meticulously employed in wires, capacitors, resistors, transformers, and other components. Every element is painstakingly handcrafted, paying homage to our legacy.

Nevertheless, our company is not driven by snobbery but by a dedication to quality, proffering value rather than mere illusions. Our offerings cater not only to the most affluent audiophiles but also to those with more modest means, as Audio Note components can be obtained at both worldly and unworldly price points.

Musical Ecstasy

A good music system acts as a time and space machine

It has the capacity to transport a musical event from a different time and location, and place it right in your listening room. To do this convincingly, the recording must possess a lifelike persona.

It's not just about recreating the musical message, but also conveying the composer's interpretation, the raw emotion, and the sense of "being". Achieving this is challenging, as many correlations between technology and experience are not fully understood.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported to another time and place, only to return as a better version of yourself.

transforms into Art

We recognise that two pieces of equipment, despite having similar measurements, can sound vastly different 

What does this indicate about our measurements?

Are we measuring the wrong thing, or are our measurements not precise enough? How does what we measure with instruments relate to what we experience with our senses?

Can we recreate an emotional event merely by applying our intellect?

A zoomed in image of an Audio Note product
Audio Note Speaker
Audio Note Dubai

Audio Note UK Music Systems now available in Dubai!

At Audio Note Dubai, we don't just sell products - we create experiences.

We are not your typical salespeople, but passionate co-owners with a deep-seated love for music, the performing arts and the audio field. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled service that goes beyond the norm of 'audio equipment sales'.

Audio Note is more than just a brand name; it's a cult. You won't find us in regular shops.

We'll find you. When your path diverges from the noise of the market and leads you to a truth that speaks for itself.

Audio Note Music Systems

Our products are designed for music-loving connoisseurs, those who want to own the best money can buy, to enjoy an ecstatic experience at home

While Home Theatre systems are designed to create special effects and lifestyle systems to provide aural wallpaper, Audio Note Music systems are crafted to create Musical Ecstasy. 

In audio, progress is not a straight line. Secure your place in history now.

What is your experience?

A curated listening room or single component

A dedicated listening room stands apart from all other rooms in a home. 

It serves a singular purpose,  to transport you to another time and place through silence, sound, and music, only for you to return as a better version of yourself. 

Of course, one can deviate from perfection,and acquire individual Audio Note components to install in existing spaces or audio systems.

Acoustical Design

One of the crucial aspects of a listening room is its acoustics

If desired, we can curate an environment with acoustic properties specifically tailored to your space and our equipment, ensuring an optimal listening experience tailored to your unique needs.

A transformation in how you experience music awaits. 


We are purists, committed to keeping you at peace

None of our products feature wifi, bluetooth, network connectivity or run software. This is because  these technologies won't improve the sound quality of our systems.

However, we can integrate our music systems with computer-based music libraries, online streaming services, room-correction and more, using third-party products. 

This is for those occasions when even the most conservative connoisseur has to yield to today's technology trends.


Over 30 years, Audio Note has designed and fine-tuned over 150 products.

Below, you will find information about all our products.

Please consult with our well-trained consultants, who possess a deep understanding of our extensive product range. Together, we can collaborate to identify and tailor the products that are most aligned to your specific requirements and budget.

Offering tomorrow's great classics today!

Image of Audio Note Listening Room
Flesh and Blood

What better way to learn about us, then to meet the ‘Padre de Familia’

Peter Qvortrup, without there would be no Audio Note UK.

Kari Nevalainen of ‘Inner’ Magazine chatted with Peter Qvortrup about all things Audio Note, and much more besides.

Image of Peter Qvortrup
Peter Qvortrup
MacBook Air
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